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Build a Step-by-Step Strategic Plan to Grow Your Business Predictably

Create The Clear

Action Plan Your Business Needs

Congratulations, Business Owner...
You Have Arrived.


From The Outside, It Looks Like Things In Your Business Are Going Great...


So Why Does It All Still Feel So Hard?


Turns Out Increased Revenue And Bigger Teams Just Equal Different Struggles And More Challenges...


You Feel Like The Biggest Bottleneck In Your Business, Everything Feels Broken, AND...



The Growth Of Your Business Is...

  • Damaging Your Closest Relationships

  • Leading To Overwhelm And Personal Burnout

  • Causing You To Let Your Clients Down, Or...

  • Hurting Your Reputation Through Poor Service Or Delivery


You’re not alone, and it's not your fault.


In fact, the good news is, this is completely normal.


The bad news is, without a step-by-step strategic business plan that gives you clarity and focus around where your business is currently and how to get it where you want it to go ...


… you’re stuck here.


But it doesn’t have to be this hard.


Once you have a clear plan in place for scaling your business, you will move forward with confidence, experience less overwhelm, and get your time back.

Right Now You Have Two Choices...


Choice #1

You could try to piece together a plan by yourself watching YouTube videos, reading books, and trying to "push" yourself to a more successful business. Over time, with a lot of trial and error, you might come up with something that will keep the wheels on in your business for a while…


…until the next phase of growth hits and you have to start all over again with a new plan because the old one doesn’t fit anymore.


Choice #2

You can use the Predictable Planning System to create and implement the exact strategic plan your business needs to grow predictably and sustainably.

Build a step-by-step strategic plan and stop being the biggest bottleneck in your business!



Before you answer the following question, take a minute to actually think about it.


Imagine having the blueprint to achieve strategic growth in your business so that you can scale with confidence and make your greatest contribution. 


The Predictable Planning System provides exactly this, and more importantly, it provides what other products in our industry don’t - implementation.


The majority of courses and programs out there focus on theory. Teaching you a concept, and expecting you to figure it out all on your own. You are left asking, “ok so how do I actually do this? What do I need to do to get there?


You have a company to run, your time should be consumed by far more strategic things than figuring out the “how” and the “what.”

That's Not What Your Business Needs

Your business needs a precisely engineered strategic plan, built specifically with your vision, goals, and needs in mind.


A strategic plan is exactly what you will walk away with. The Predictable Planning System will show you exactly how to create the roadmap your business needs, and what to do, step-by-step.


If you commit to this process and actually apply yourself, you can get this system up and running fast, depending on the pace you are willing to execute.


I’ve seen some highly motivated entrepreneurs even implement this system in 24-Hours.


It all comes down to how committed you are to achieving the results you want.


When You Create

A Clear Strategic Plan For Your Business...

You'll have

So you can...

Direction on what it takes to go from starting a business to scaling a business

Clarity on exactly which stage of growth your business is in right now

A deep understanding of your business’s vulnerabilities

Certainty on how to make the right decisions for your business without all the overwhelm and stress

A strategic, step-by-step plan for your business that is impossible to misunderstand

Lead your business well by making strong decisions with commitment and certainty

Anticipate what the next phase is and what you’ll need to succeed

Put out fires before they start and be a rock-solid presence in your industry

Move forward with confidence, knowing you’re acting in line with your business’s goals and vision

Create and execute the progress you want as you grow and scale predictably

The Predictable Planning System Will Provide

Everything You Need To, Grow Your Business And Get Your Life Back

The systems and processes we will teach you are the same ones we’ve used to:

  • Generate hundreds of millions in revenue for our clients

  • Help tens of thousands of businesses simplify and scale

  • Re-connect business owners with their families

  • Decrease stress and overwhelm in the lives of entrepreneurs

This Is What We Do

Our Clients Say It Best. Check Out Their Results.

Rachel Rodgers - CEO of Hello Seven

"My business felt broken, but once we started implementing... It was crystal clear which members of our team were amazing and what we needed to fix to move forward."

Marley Jaxx - CEO of Jaxx Productions

“When I started working with Alex, it eliminated so much of the pressure & noise I was feeling every day. He can see from a 50,000-foot view and know the tweak that needs to happen.”

Dre Baldwin - CEO of Work On Your Game

"I can see where I'm growing, where I'm getting better month over month... And what needs to be fixed moving forward."

Heather Desantis - CEO of Publicity For Good

"It's exciting because our team culture is amazing, and I get messages from my team members about what they can do to make my life easier."



Do you have the sinking feeling you’ve become the reason everything in your business is stalling out?


I totally get that. I know you’d rather be the leader of a well-oiled machine - one that doesn’t take up every single hour of every single day.


The problem is your business has grown too big for one person to handle. Your responsibilities have spiraled out of control.


You know you need to implement systems but don’t know where to start...


The last thing you want to do is spend your hard-earned money, time, and energy on another program that doesn’t work.


You need a real solution.


The Predictable Planning System is the answer.


A strategic plan will transform the future of your business.


What are you waiting for?

When you Create a Strategic Plan for Your Business

You Will...

Fall in love with your business again and scale with confidence so you can make your greatest contribution

Create and map time for what you need to do in the business and still have enough time for your family and relationships without feeling overwhelmed

Stop being the only one who can do everything

Sell more with confidence, knowing you have systems in place so you won’t let your clients down

Identify gaps and potential breakdowns before they happen

Fix delivery and operations issues and keep things running smoothly day-to-day


100's of Millions

In Revenue Generated
For Our Clients

10's of Thousands

Of Businesses Simplified
And Scaled

10's of Thousands

Business Owners Reconnected
With Their Families

It's Time To

Get Your Life Back...

Scaling Takes Enormous Time And Energy.


It’s tempting to think it would be easier to go back to when your business was smaller and you could handle everything yourself.


But that’s not what you really want, is it?


You want growth, legacy, and impact.


And for that, you must scale, and that means you need systems.


Too bad you can’t seem to lift your head out of the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities in your business to even get started building them.

So Where Do You Turn For Help?

Another coach or self-proclaimed guru who’s great at promoting their product but not-so-great at delivering on their promise?


Another complicated business model that’s too long and difficult to understand, let alone implement?


Over the last 25 Years, I've worked with tens of thousands of businesses. I've done it myself multiple times in my own business.


The predictable Planning System will help you create and build a system around you, The Entrepreneur...

That Will Scale Your Business.

This system will introduce you to proven strategies that :

  • Provide clarity over complexity

  • ​Help you know who to hire and when

  • ​Accelerate your growth

  • ​Increase your bottom line

  • ​Reduce stress and overwhelm

  • ​And so much more...

And the best part is, you will have access to our exclusive Charfen Community Platform,  and bi-monthly coaching calls for the next 90 days to support you as you create your strategic plan.

That means you won’t be left to “figure it out on your own.” You will have a community and space to come and learn, ask questions from the Charfen Coaches, and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

But first, you have to commit. Are you ready?

This Is What We Do

Our Clients Say It Best. Check Out Their Results.

Andrea Reindel - CEO of Legacy Creative

"Our growth in revenue has gone from about $120,000 and month to a $300,000 a month average... All because we leaned into our strategic plan."

Justin Dyson - CEO of Kids ‘N Such

"Before, my team was frustrated because they didn't know where we were going, they didn't know what we were doing, and--quite frankly--I changed directions too much."

Darian Khasravi (Kosmo) - CEO of Kosmos Q

"Then I met Alex Charfen. I found a mentor who told me that there is nothing wrong with me and it's okay to make my own rules and never apologize for my success."

Brent Pohlman - CEO of Midwest Laboratories

"I am a better leader because I trust the people that work with me to own their work and I respect the work that they do... I think more about what matters most."

A strategic plan, when applied within the Predictable Planning System, will give you clarity, confidence, and extraordinary results.


Alex Charfen is co-founder and CEO of Charfen, a leading training, education and consulting company helping entrepreneurs and small businesses find positive momentum and sustained growth.


Alex has spent his life studying entrepreneurs and famous leaders throughout history, uncovering a previously mislabeled and misunderstood population among us: the Entrepreneurial Personality Type™ (EPT).


Founded in 2007, the Charfen Institute was featured on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America three years in a row, reaching as high as #21.

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