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Exclusive Training With Alex Charfen:

How To Create Predictable Growth In Your Business

Without Feeling Like You Need To Do It All Yourself

Exclusive Training:

  • Stop being the biggest bottleneck in your business so you can grow predictably without sacrificing yourself or your family along the way.

  • Get your team out in front of you so you can lead your team without having to manage them transactionally.

  • Move into the passenger seat so you can lead your business strategically without having to run every meeting.

Live Training: June 3rd at 1 pm CST


Rachel Rodgers - CEO of Hello Seven

"My business felt broken, but once we started implementing... It was crystal clear which members of our team were amazing and what we needed to fix to move forward."


Marley Jaxx - CEO of Jaxx Productions

“When I started working with Alex, it eliminated so much of the pressure & noise I was feeling every day. He can see from a 50,000-foot view and know the tweak that needs to happen.”

Dre Baldwin Headshot 2

Dre Baldwin - CEO of Work On Your Game

"I can see where I'm growing, where I'm getting better month over month... And what needs to be fixed moving forward."


Heather Desantis - CEO of Publicity For Good

"It's exciting because our team culture is amazing, and I get messages from my team members about what they can do to make my life easier."

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